Text message triggering part 2

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A few more hours and this never-ending meal …
I would have tasted Gérard as a starter and dessert! … but hey ..
I took a shower .. before and after the meal .. but my underside is still all wet .. the texting didn’t stop over dinner .. what’s the matter ?? … whatever it takes … um ..
where will you be this time? …
The last time you surprised me .. as usual.
When I arrived that evening, you were already in the room. I closed the door tight, I told you.
In truth, I did not do it well, I was so excited!
I found you naked in the shower, your cock already in action, erect and swollen with pleasure.
I’m soaked. Have you ever had fun ?? ..
I could not .. attended the meal, thinking that you were waiting for me …
I see you naked, and this stake calling me, this impressive sex that brings me so much pleasure each time ..
The game begins ..
I undress .. you could take me, there, in the shower .. But no, that is not what you decided.
I salivate: you like to let yourself be desired .. I want to suck you … gently .. your big cock is already there, in my mouth: I like its taste. I can tell she’s been erect for some time now.
I lick you greedily and you put it to the back of my throat, but it is way too shapely to fit in full !!
Cho that you are! And, without giving me time to think, you turn me around, you take me from behind. You enter me gently, holding me by the hips, and little by little, you force the entrance. No need to finger, I’m already dilated, without the need for foreplay.
You stick your big, good cock in my ass .. I moan with pleasure .. give me that back and forth in my little hole, fill me so that I still enjoy myself.
It’s so good!
You put speed into it, you push your member deeper …
Then you bite me and you leave me empty … and you start again.
This is delicious!
I look at us in the mirror: you took my ass that called you .. you hold me by the shoulders ..
I hang on to the sink, I stream without a word, without a cry, towards the sublime failure. But you understood that my enjoyment has arrived and you leave me, the time that my desire rises.
On the edge of the bed this time …
I always turn my back to you, always in front of a mirror, with your expert hands, you part my buttocks, I feel your member very firm, all hard, and I arch my back, in the wait.
You put your butt against my puck and you push it in.
I stand up, just to feel you even closer, and to be able to kiss you and also feel your breath on my neck.
I put a finger in my pussy, nothing else will fit so much you hold my ass with your very big cock. I stroke my vulva to turn you on even more … but you resist ..
I would like you to let go, but it is I who abandon myself once again …
So, the toys await us …
Oh yes, I come to my senses …
You lie on your back and I think about riding you. I bite your shoulders, I lick your neck and suddenly I smell your perfume mixed with the taste of your skin.
It triggers a desire to get high, to give you back those pleasures that you give me many times.
Oh yes, you’re right: I’m your bitch .. your bitch ..
I lick you like candy .. greedily, under the armpits, on your hip.
I slowly descend to this rascal of sex who is still waiting, quite right.
I nibble it while my hands hold you a ball that I am going to swallow and the other hand takes care of your buttocks that I gently push aside …
I eat you both .. then I let them vibrate on the tip of my tongue …
It slips between your buttocks, I continue to lick your anus.
My fingers grip your pretty little buttocks, spread them firmly so that this tongue reaches that little hole ..
Slowly, all around, while you jerk off hard .. I watch .. I see your pleasure ..
And when you you least expect it, this same language penetrates you and sucks your well-being …
My fingers rub you all around and caress you inside … hmm ..
I think about the spanking you deserve. I keep passing the tip of my tongue around and into your opening anus.
I took the dildo, I present it to my well moistened ass …
But you want to lick me and I let myself be ..
It’s delicious, you look at me .. I can not press your tongue even harder in my pussy, I would enjoy too much ..
However, the cocks of pleasure are open, you treat me, and I rock in an immense pleasure which makes me want to scream ..
And then, you take your dildo, you are very excited and dilated by a new sucking that lasts, that lasts …
My tongue sticks out , it tickles your balls all hard, go up on your penis while I venture a finger in your hole ..
Then, downright, I put three fingers that slide inside without forcing ..
I took the pump-dildo, it fits without forcing, you’re already ready.
I bring a toy to my buttocks because this spectacle brings up a wave of delight in me.
You waddle and I inflate and deflate the dildo as you sway.
You still hold your cock in your hands, which gives me time to stroke my pussy with mine, and to approach the other toy towards my penis.
I would like to cheat but you will not allow it.
However, if I put it in my pussy, there, now, I know that the pleasure would be intense.
However, you prefer that we change, your final pleasure is almost there.
I felt your ass cum coming. I’m gonna fuck you with the big dildo ..
I’ll stick it for you, just the glans. I lift it to you, I give it to you …
You get impatient and you let go of your penis to put the toy in fully.
I take this opportunity to take your cock back in my mouth, all swallowed.
I find it difficult to breathe, the desire being almost to the extreme. It whets me even more appetite ..
And before you take it back in your hands, I suddenly shoved the dildo in my hole thinking that I was going to take advantage of this full windfall in my inflamed pussy, but you take your personal toy in your hands, your enjoyment of the ass coming ..
So, both of us, sitting face to face, dildoed to the extreme, my pussy against your right cock held by one of your hands and by one of mine, my legs entwined behind your back, in insane rhythm, and not being able to hold us back, you ejaculate in jerks between my breasts, while I come with great jolts .. ..
Yes, really Gérard .. I know you have everything I need …